a hug for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME3/5 female characters » Allison Argent

"Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-même: We protect those who cannot protect themselves."

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get to know me meme — [3/5] favorite movies: hairspray

↳ “Ever since we first saw the sun, a man and woman liked to shake it when the day is done. And so we’re gonna shake and shimmy it and have some fun today. Cause you can’t stop the motion of the ocean or the rain from above. They can try to stop the paradise that we’re dreamin’ of, but you’ll never stop the rhythm of two hearts in love to stay. Cause you can’t stop the beat.”

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Lucy Hale | Katherine Tyler Photoshoot 2014 for ‘iHeartRadio’

Lucy Hale | Katherine Tyler Photoshoot 2014 for ‘iHeartRadio’

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O U A T  M E M E
[10/12] characters - Graham Humbert

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I thought I was going to school to be other people, but really, what I learned was to be myself - accepting myself, my strengths and weaknesses. -Lupita Nyong’o

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Lea Michele out in New York City on July 23, 2014

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"Just you and me, and I could be part of your world …"

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they would have no claim on me if i did not desire it
for i belong to myself,
i am only my own—
half flowering creation,
half blistering hellfire.


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